The Battle Royale mode of Fortnite can be challenging for both new players and veterans. We have compiled eight tips from the Fortnite expert, Gernader Jake, to help adventurers of all levels survive the storm and thus be the last player standing.

This is the most important thing you can do to improve at Fortnite Battle royale unlimited V bucks and money for free, and it is usually what beginners try to avoid. In a game where survival is the key, being aggressive can seem counterintuitive. However, the key to survival is knowing how to overcome your enemies in combat. The more you fight, the more practice you will take. And the more practice you have, the more lethal you will be. When you hear shots, go towards them. When you see an enemy moving nearby, confront him. When you see a bush, do not hide in it! Be aggressive, look for combat and become a more efficient fighter.

Master the healing system

Health is the green bar at the bottom of the screen. The players start the game with health to the fullest. Your shield is the blue bar on the life bar, and the players start with it at zero. The only way to get a shield is to accumulate shield potions or take juices on the map. When you receive damage from an enemy, the shields extend before affecting health. However, shields do not protect you from falling or storm damage, so you should pay attention to your life bar.

It is important to remember that players do NOT recover health over time. Instead, you should find one of the four objects that can help you recover your health or your shield, and understand how each of them works is very useful. First, there are the bandages. Each bandage will return 15 saluz, but heals you up to 75. To heal you beyond that, you will need a medkit or slurp juice. A medkit will return your health to 100, no matter how low it is, and the slurp juice is unique because it gives you health and shields. With these objects you will earn one point of every 25 seconds. Finally there are the shield potions, which give you 50 shields instantly, but they do not affect your health. Take your time to understand and master the system to be able to heal efficiently and effectively.

Know your arsenal and be prepared

In Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, weapon classes are divided using 5 colors. From weaker to stronger, those colors are: gray, green, blue, purple and orange / gold. Repeat that. Put it in your head – it’s important. In each game focus on looking for the highest class weapons. Each enemy you kill and each chest you open will be an opportunity to change a weaker weapon for a more powerful one. Use the color code to identify which are weaker and which are stronger. When you hack fur fortnite have it mastered, focus on having the greatest possible variety of weapons at your fingertips. In other words, you want short and long range weapons, as well as explosives, to be prepared for any fight you may encounter.

Consistent storage

This trick can be horribly useful, especially when the fight is unleashed and you are not prepared. You must keep an order in your inventory, in order to get the object you want without hesitation. For example, sort your inventory from left to right from closest to furthest range, with the last healing objects. In this way, you can know where everything you need is without having to look or search your inventory.


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