FIFA 18: With 7 tips and tricks to score

FIFA 18 is here and newcomers have to get used to the new FIFA, and EA has also added some new features such as new flanks and tasks for FIFA Ultimate Team. In this guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks to score more goals in the new FIFA Mobile Coins and Points Hack for Android and iOS and make it even easier in the main modes than before.


The full version of the football simulation will not be available until September 29, 2017, but you can already download and try the FIFA 18 demo. There are already some new features, to which we give you a few tips. Especially newcomers will certainly come into play better.

Like the predecessors, you can choose your desired control. Many players choose Classic or Alternative. The alternative setting reverses the shot and flank keys compared to the classic layout. Pro Evolution Soccer players will certainly prefer this control.

The best players in FIFA 18

Are you in the middle of a game, you get used to sure quickly to the basic control and already successful first pass combinations and shots. Tip: Press left or right on the controller of your controller to defensive or offensive your team spontaneously. For a start, however, we recommend that you leave the setting neutral. So you have a more balanced game of defense and attack.

FIFA 18: Aggressively fit and learn new flanks

FIFA 18 offers you different types of passes that will help you to move forward. In addition to a normal pass, you can also play a high or low pass into the barrel to attack quickly. For a flat variant, press your triangle on your PlayStation or Y on your Xbox controller. For the high pass in the barrel, you also hold the upper left shoulder button pressed.

Speaking of FIFA 18, there is a new flank control. So you can play targeted high flanks in the box. Hold down the upper left shoulder button and flank. You will see what a high arc the ball flies.

 18: Scoring easier goals

If you take the flank with a striker and position yourself at the penalty spot, you have a good position for a shot on goal. Aiming at the outside of a post and pressing the shot button briefly, but not too short. Then you have a good chance that the ball goes in. You must of course not forget that a successful hit depends on the shooting value of the shooting player. You wonder who has the best shot values? Find out in our overview of the best players in FIFA 18.

Run alone on the opposing goalkeeper, also worth a cut or a flat shot. You cut a shot when you hold the upper right shoulder button and shoot. You make a low shot when you press and hold the Shoot button for a while and then quickly press the Shoot button again.

So you win duels in the attack

You do not even get to a good shooting position? Make room for yourself by winning duels in the attack. Instead of just pressing the sprint key, you can first bring the ball closer to the man by holding down the upper left shoulder button. As a test, move your player diagonally down or diagonally upwards and watch the reaction of the opponent in front of you.

If he decides to take the ball at a certain point, you just dodge into the open space and pass the opponent. For this, you can also use the sprint button again. But it should work even if you let go of the shoulder button and walk normally.

often do not come so fast. While this approach is predictable, it may surprise your opponent at one point. Just try it.

FIFA 18: Tricks for duels

If you want to play your opponents with spectacular Neymar-style maneuvers, then check out the best tricks for duels in FIFA 18. Whether Roulette, Rainbow Flick or Elastico: How do you show in our tutorial videos how you put the tricks on your controller.

Defend well in FIFA 18

After your shot, the opponent could be in turn again and attack. Then you are on the defense. Hold down the PASS key here to cover the ball-bearing opponent. Your player will automatically run to the side of the opponent. This tip will help you because you should not have that many positional mistakes. But if you want to take the ball away from the opponent, you should release the button and try to get the ball.

So you can shield the ball

Have you got the ball, the opponent is probably still close. You can stay in possession of the ball and keep it off by shielding the ball with your body. Turn your back to the opponent and hold down the lower left shoulder button.

For FIFA experts among you may be interesting that EA in FIFA 18 has apparently changed a maneuver for tackles strong: No-touch dribbling. In the predecessors, you could trigger it by pressing the upper left shoulder button and a direction button. Now No-Touch-Dribbling is on the upper right shoulder button, but in combination with the directional buttons, you can not seem to be tricked as much as with the predecessor.


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